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Entry #1

Where am I?

2010-07-24 14:47:45 by Craxmilian

Hello my dear (insert your name here),
so I see you want to know a bit more about me huh? Well lets face it, I'm not gonna give you much info.
In fact, I'm not gonna give you anything at all expcet more music and some random videos of my own.

Ok so I see you're persistent... wait no more, here are the things you seek, here are the things you want - shiny orange links into another dimension of (insert word describing awesomeness here):

Website - my 'official' website made by... guess what... yeah me!
YouTube channel - shiny videos await you there!
SoundCloud profile - demos resting in peace... profile - feel like a stalker? page - not much info on there either
Facebook page - I order you to become my fan! Just kidding, you don't have to - but resistance is futile, you know...


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